While visiting her uncle's tropical plantation, Laura Dunstan becomes enchanted by ruggedly handsome Davy Logan, who is on a missionSIN
Though recently orphaned Laura Dunstan jumps at the chance to visit her uncle's tropical plantation, she soon discovers that life in sultry Florida is a far cry from the social whirl she'd known back east. In Boston, she'd certainly never have met someone like Davey Logan, the ruggedly handsome half-breed who treats her as no man has ever dared—and whose forbidden caress ignites irresistible desire...

A man embarked on a dangerous mission, Logan won't rest until he has helped to free persecuted slaves—including those on the Dunstan estate. He has no time for a spoiled wench with more money than sense, despite her amber-eyed loveliness. But surging passion soon clouds his sense of purpose, and Logan finds himself torn between two worlds—locked in a searing embrace with a woman who thinks him no better a savage SOUTHERN SURRENDER to free the plantation's slaves. Original.