Spirit Unbroken: a journey of Hope, Survival, and Beating the Odds of Child Abuse is a personal telling that allows the reader to identify on many levels. It is a positive and uplifting read that reaffirms that we are never products of "... what has been done to us," but rather we are products of what " ... we CHOOSE to do for ourselves!"
Child Abuse statistics in America, Canada, Europe, and world-wide are staggering and continue to grow. It is modern society's... Plague. These statistics can change and child abuse can be eradicated. It is not a disease without a cure, but rather an epidemic that cries for recognition and involvement and it will cease!
I am an educator, author, and child advocate. This is my journey. After many years and countless hours of counseling children and adults who have suffered even once at the hands of an abuser... it was time to put all this in writing.
It will be helpful and most hopefully healing for all who read it. I share my own journey for everyone who is unable or unwilling to share his/ hers.