This is the delightful story of Robin and Louella Hanbury-Tenison s journey to Santiago de Compostela in 1989. For a thousand years a long, hot and dangerous journey over the mountains, the dusty plains and the rich countryside of Spain has led millions of Christian pilgrims to the great cathedral of St. James at Compostela. The story is as old as medieval history and the route is still alive with the churches, monasteries and shrines built by the faithful. Readers of Robin Hanbury-Tenison s other bestselling travel books will be delighted to hear that once again he and his wife Louella went to Santiago de Compostela in a traditional way riding on white horses over long-forgotten tracks. It was a family pilgrimage as their four-year-old son, Merlin, went with them. In the process they discovered more about the people and the country than any conventional traveller would learn. Their adventures are vividly and entertainingly recounted in this delightful and highly readable book. Through their journey Robin came to experience a true green pilgrimage, an ecological equivalent of the search for religious faith in medieval man. His fascinating book draws together conclusions from a lifetime of exploration.