Stainless Performance Program is a simple, yet effective, means in which to apply basic concepts to your operations and bring all activities into a cohesive and high performing team. If you and your company are struggling with labor issues, poor productivity and employee issues such as safety, attendance and retention, then the principles described in this book will help you improve in these areas.

John's development and implementation of his program was a benefit to the performance of the plant. If you implement his program, you will see improved results. —Keith Deberg, former Plant Manager, Jimmy Dean Foods

This program was a significant benefit from an operations viewpoint. Labor efficiencies were improved as well as the raw material utilization and yields. This program can bring a great value to any company s bottom line and is cost effective. —Frank Howell, former Operations Manager, Jimmy Dean Foods

Utilizing this program, we experienced a definite reduction in injuries and associated worker's compensation costs and also managed to achieve over 1 million no lost time injuries on more than one occasion. If you want to positively affect your safety numbers and reduce costs, this program is the answer. —Chuck Erickson, former Safety Manager, Jimmy Dean Foods