I love everything that JaQuavis and Ashley writes.I think that JaQuavis did a good job on this book and I can't waitto read the Dopeman:Memoirs of A Snitch next week.The only problem that I had with the story is the part where Millie went to see Apple in jail but was told he was dead on page 193, but on page 189 Millie had put flowers on Apples grave while visiting Hazel's grave site, so she already knew he was dead.I felt sorry for Hazel, she finally got off of drugs which can be very difficult. Seven should of never left a dopefiend in his house with drugs there, everyone knows that a drug addict will steal from you no matter who you is.I didn't like how he kicked her to the curb, I understand that he was pissed at her because she brought Millie to his house, but again if he loved her so much he would have gave her a chance.GiGi was the reason that the pack for mouse came up short because she called her self trying to get Seven to kick Hazel out by showing her the drugs.In my opinion Millie can blame herself for the death of Hazel as well because she found the drugs in her place.I found myself laughing at the end because I really didn't see that coming! I have to say Seven was a smart dude, and Millie was no joke either. I give props to Seven for helping Hazel get off drugs and putting up with her throughout it all because that's a big responsibility to take on.