Four Hot Stories by some of the hottest taboo authors today!

Strip Poker With My ... By Lee Moore
After getting ditched by his buddies, Bryan tries to save his poker night. While picking up a pizza, he runs into a gal he grew up with, his (censored). Her friend and Tiffany are more than a little hungry, so they follow Bryan home. The girls have an ulterior motive for showing up dressed to kill though...
A drunken game of Strip poker leads to Bryan being in a bad place, having to make out with his roomate Greg in front of two ladies, one of which is his (censored). Not deterred, the girls make sure that not only does Bryan lose, he has to follow directions. Hard, and without protection.

Partying With My ... By Lee Moore
Alex is leaving for college in a week, and the rest of his friends are starting their new lives as adults. Why not have one last party together? Drinking, dancing and a chance encounter... Alex runs into a girl he never thought he'd have a shot at. They drink and start to have fun when his (censored) steps in and ruins his good time. His (censored) wants something different, his (censored) wants him.
A taboo erotic short, too hot to describe more here. You'll have to use the look inside for an excerpt and full title.

Stepbrother Dearest Bachelorette Party: A Taboo Erotic Short Story By Lee Moore
Hard up for money, Brian goes is offered a gig from his old job, dancing for the ladies. Little does he know, the bachelorette party he's booked for will change his life.
It was Caitlin's party, but Myra has plans in place to try to seduce the sexy dancer who wears a mask. How wild can a bachelorette party get when the bride insists on a small venue? A hotel room, truth or dare and one sexy man for entertainment. Myra may get more entertainment than she planned on getting, hard and without protection.
This is a short story a little over 8,000 words without supplemental material.

Stepbrother Dearest: Forbidden Secret By Foxy Tale
For years, I ignored the obvious. Erik was off-limits. Now, we've grown older and seemingly wiser, but I can't deny my feelings anymore.
This is our time. But, as luck would have it, our parents have other plans for us. Plans that will change everything, except our desire to be together.
Giving in, means we'll risk everything. Letting go means we weren't worth the risk.
When all that I've ever wanted is right at my fingertips, how can I possibly deny it?