For a book such as this - a Grimoire of the Sabbatic Mysteries - there is no introduction better than the direct affinity of the heart with the Magical Path. There is no simple gesture, no mere bow and sweep of the literary hand, that could suffice to beckon and lead the enquirer within the precincts of the Royal Arte. All that is truly needed to introduce the aspirant to this work is the innate kinship between souls, for only then will the gate to this Arbour of Sorcery swing wide, only then will the doorway into this Nocturnal Eden be found a welcome entrance. For those fellow journeymen and women with whom there is true kinship in the Arte, I have some personal words to impart concerning the nature of the Magical Quintessence - the ipseity of the Path Itself and the very thing which this present work is intended to transmit. My heart-advice is this: - The Quintessence of Magick is not to be found by the combination of externals, but solely by the direct realisation of its innate source. It is not to be discovered by combining system with system, belief with belief, or practice with practice; it is not found by uniting the 'elements' in their temporally manifest forms. For beyond the Outer, beyond the dualistic and substantive manifestations of element and element, the Quintessence is already attained. Its unity is constant as the primordial and intrinsic nature of the Sorcerous Being; its attainment is this very realisation. When this Mystery is understood, the secret of the Azoth is revealed in truth. The alchymic process of finding the Potable Gold through the dissolution and unification of all Matter shall be seen as the pagaent of the Spirit attaining self-knowledge through its own permutations of Becoming, the mystical love-play of All shall be seen with the single vision of both the Lover and the Beloved.