I ask myself each time I read G. A McKevett's Savannah Reid's mystery series why the author has to have her protagonist eat so much. I swear between McKevett, Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone mysteries I must have gained - a bunch of weight with all that eating of high sugar, fried, fast food going on. Makes a girl hungry and eager to find out - who did done it! Besides the eating I enjoy the women who-done-it enough to return. 'Sugar and Spite' (and love the titles) has the voluptuous (soon to bigger I'm sure) Savannah worried sick over her best buddy, police detective and ex-partner, Dirk Coulter's accusal of murdering his ex-wife. It doesn't look good with all the evidence stack against him. Polly, the ex, is found in a pool of blood in Dirk's trailer home, he is covered in it, his gun by her side, and neighbors who heard them arguing just before the bang. Savannah loses sleep, but not weight, while she unravels the truth behind the lies that are bigger than first appearing. She gets her just desserts for all her hard work sleuthing. And, with all this series the reader gets to meet more of Savannah's big Southern family with its myriad dysfunctional issues. If you enjoy an easy, often funny, murder mystery you'll enjoy this book.