Eugene de Mazenod, the founder of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, is not very widely known, despite being canonized as saint in 1995. More unfortunate still is the fact that his rich spirituality, which takes Christs preferential option for the poor as its centerpiece, suffers that same anonymity. In this book, Bernard Dullier selects for us the major transformative moments from the life of Eugene de Mazenod and key texts from his writings to invite us into a deeper vision of discipleship and service. And he is a master: Bernard Dullier is one of deepest, most respected minds in our congregation, there is a deserved aura always when he speaks and he blends his sharp intellect with a deep love for his fellow-countryman, Eugene de Mazenod, with whom he shares the same fiery temperament, along with an equally fiery passion for ministering to the poor. Only a fellow-countryman could so capture the soul of Eugene de Mazenod. As a fellow-missionary under the charism of Eugene de Mazenod, I am deeply grateful for this book. It wonderfully honors our founder and more importantly, is an exceptional selection of biographical notes and autobiographical texts that capture the very essence of the rich charism that was left to the Oblates and to the world through the person and writings of St. Eugene de Mazenod. From the Foreword by Ronald Rolheiser