Raif was never meant to be a Proctor. He was specifically designed for another life entirely. Before he's even gone into production, Dramond steals his genetic material from the Administrator, Joshua Andrew Caine. Dramond wants to settle a lifelong vendetta against the Caines, but this one moment of vengeance puts Raif on a collision course with the Phoenicians—and the Seven Chiefs have a Plan!

Raif was made in a production line like everyone else—except he's not like everyone else. He's not like anyone else. His genetic design is so complex, it doesn't even look like any other human ever produced. To make matters worse, once he begins to investigate, he discovers his profile's not even listed in the Breeding Selections. There's no record of his existence! Was he some kind of experimental theory never meant to leave a laboratory dish? Was he given life by accident or was he made for some specific reason? Is he even human?

Raif searches for answers and instead finds the Phoenicians and a whole new set of questions. When the Phoenician Seven Chiefs learn of Raif's personal quest into his origins, they decide to help him. Of course, they're not just being nice. With the Seven Chiefs, there's always a Plan! But was Raif made for their Plan or was their Plan remade for him?

WARNING: This book contains graphic violence which can be extreme at times, small amounts of explicit sexual content and frequently uses language which may offend some readers. This book may not be appropriate for audiences of all ages. Rating: MA-LSV