The ."..on a Shoestring" series helps small business owners grow their business imaginatively, effectively and without spending a fortune. Aimed at entrepreneurs with plenty of vision and commitment but not a lot of cash, each book is packed with ideas that really work, real-life examples, step-by-step advice and sources of further information.

All businesses go through difficult times, but how you, as the owner, face and tackle these challenges can make the difference between survival and going to the wall. Realistic but inspiring, this revised edition covers:

Realising there's a problem
Focusing on what you do best: your core business
Spending sensibly
Being paid on time
Cutting down on inefficiency
Steadying the ship: maintaining staff morale
Working at external relationships (the bank, customers, suppliers)
Working out survival tactics (and ways to stick to them)
Keeping up the good work... and not letting things slip
'a great little package' "The Bookseller"