Necratoholic is written by one of the mangakas of Tactics . The cover is pure steaminess, and I'm surprised to find that Necratoholic also got a few laughs out of me.

Sakuya is a high-ranking vampire. But ever since he had sex with a dhampir named Atsumi, he's lost his taste for blood. It's actually much more extreme—he can't even stand the sight and smell of blood. Now he suckles on roses for nourishment...

Meanwhile, his manservant Balaur is in a constant state of panic because his master appears to be obssessed with a dhampir, a vampire hunter no less, and doesn't even seem interested in making money. (Sakuya and Balaur run a love hotel where Sakuya acts as a S&M queen.) Well, we can't blame Sakuya for wanting to slack off because the humans that pay to be the masochists in his S&M gig are weird perverts. Add to that the fact that now Sakuya can't even get turned on by the smell of their blood. They just repulse him.

What he really wants is to chase down Atsumi and regain his dignity. But Atsumi disappeared completely after initiating a chase from Sakuya. But one day, he returns, but tells Sakuya that he is no longer hunting vampires. He's now a regular human being and is an insurance salesman. One of the running gags in this manga is that Atsumi keeps trying to sell Sakuya life insurance, which he obviously does not need because he is a noble vampire with a long and eternal future ahead of him.

Necratoholic is definitely one of the racier and more explicit mangas that Juné has put out so far. It's full of action and sword fights and stakes, but it also has a lot of gore and blood and sex. I wasn't put off by it at all because Necratoholic does a good job of entertaining. It's sexy and has plenty of humor. My favorite scene would have to be Balaur's solution to the problem of what to dress Sakuya in when he has to go out in daylight. Really... Sakuya is so gullible. Necratoholic is not afraid to poke fun at some of the elements in vampire stories.

The art is beyond phenomenal (see cover). One of the things I would compliment the mangaka on is the variety of outfits. They look so cool you'd want to own them. Sakuya's wardrobe is the best—coats, suits, ruffles, capes, bondage apparel...

Necratoholic is the perfect, fun way to pass the time and I hope that Juné takes on more titles like this.

Review first posted at Lincoln Heights Literary Society