What do you do when one bad hair day could destroy the world?

Meet Melissa – a mild-mannered cricket player of average ability and best friend to Soph, queen of emotional traumas.

Meet Melissa, Queen of Evil – a dazzling all-rounder with a killer instinct and an agent of destruction.

Melissa has acquired a terrible and sinister power. She can cause typhoons and earthquakes, or strike people dead with a single look – but after an unfortunate house burning incident, she knows she needs help. Then she meets Ben. A destroyer with his own car, and her guide. Through him she must learn to control her powers and face the people who want her dead.

In the meantime there's homework, cricket practice, and Soph's emotional traumas to work through. And looming on the horizon is the biggest threat of all: the school social.

Melissa, Queen of Evil is a funny and fast-paced fantasy-adventure about one girl's struggle not to destroy the world.