This is an interesting booklet, but i cannot give this a good rating for several reasons.

First of all, i would like to say that it's good for a student to get as many perspectives as possible on tarot, and this does present some interesting points. It explores each of the 22 major arcana in a narrative form and some interesting ideas about esoteric teachings of tarot are presented.

However, this text reproduces a lot of the false history of tarot that originated with Court de Gebelin about the cards being a survival of ancient Egyptian wisdom (i.e. The legendary Book of Thoth). While i think such legends and traditional stories are interesting, they are not accurate. So, books like this continue the spread of inaccurate information in the occult community. Also, this is not long enough to be considered a "book." It's more like an article. So, be sure and look at how many pages before you decide to buy it—supposing you're purchasing online and may not be aware of how short the text is. That's really my main issue is that it's so short and superficial a look at tarot. It only really addresses the meanings of the 22 major arcana and that only in a very superficial narrative form that doesn't tell us much.

In conclusion, i think this is a very interesting read, and it's good to see all different perspectives on a subject, but i cannot recommend this book or give it a good rating because it's too short, incomplete, superficial, and has some inaccurate information it perpetuates.