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Bury your face in the red sand, your eyes in the clear sky. The American Southwest shines with sunlight, clean air, and free range. Bone Pile, the mutated twin to Riley Hill’s Burn Pile, digs us out of the darkness to the light of day, where nothing can go wrong. Unless you’re down wind. These tales of terror, dark humor, and horror uncover what lurks in the open, in broad daylight. They Come to See Graves. Desert towns sometimes employ artificial means to survive. More in Bisby . Deserts have a way of stripping bare the reality of how close we are to help when we need it. Survivor. The desert offers a home to those who choose to live alone. Picacho Peak. Simple words and actions stir hidden forces. Dust to Dust. No matter who you are, the desert has a way of bringing you home. To justice.