This book was pulled from publication for revision and re-release.

A-list actress Selena Ross has just been publicly jilted by Hollywood heartthrob Matt Sterling—not that she cares though. The ceremony was staged and she's too busy basking in the onslaught of publicity, until she's caught having an affair with an esteemed (and married) film director. Devastated over the public’s reaction to the scandal, she's forced to return home to Fayetteville, Arkansas—to the family and friends she left behind four years ago. She questions her past relationships with men, her inability to keep steady friendships, and doubts if anyone will ever truly love her again. Will an escape to the Deep South and a mysterious suitor help her to see things from a different perspective?

Ethan Lockwood is the billionaire CEO of Autumn Wonder, the company that recently surpassed Starbucks as the largest coffee shop in the world. He's a shrewd businessman and approaches each of his relationships with a "no exceptions to the rules" checklist. When his company's board forces him to go to Fayetteville, Arkansas on an 'Undercover Boss' assignment, he balks at the idea and makes plans to get out of the South as soon as possible. But before he can set his plan in motion, he finds himself intrigued by a less-than-approachable Selena Ross. Although he’s determined to earn her trust, he quickly discovers something that could ruin his chances forever.

***This book is the second in the Jilted Bride Series. Characters make references to events that took place in Take Two, so it’s highly recommended that this book is read after the first.