Death of a Salesman is a very classic and thought-provoking piece of literature. Although, extremely depressing, it is a very compelling play. I usually never say this, but I would recommend watching the play over reading it. In the book, you never know if he is in reality or his fantasy world; the movie clears it up. The play is about the common man who only cares what other people think of him. He has the belief that if you are not successful than you are nothing; this in turn is one of the major reasons that tore his family apart. After years of working with the same company traveling all the time, the loneliness had gotten to him. He started getting messed up in the head, having conversations with people that were dead and reminiscing of the past. He then loses his job and gets in a huge fight with his oldest son. In the end he comes up with the conclusion that he is worth more dead than alive, so he commits suicide. The title of the play kind of gives it away.