Provides comprehensive, self taught coverage of the most sought after topics in Visual Basic Programming.This book uses the step-by-step approach of the best-selling Sams' Teach Yourself series to continue more detailed coverage of the latest version of Visual Basic. Not only will this book cover a wide array of topics, but it will also go into each topic to a level that the reader will be able to apply to their own programs. In addition, this book will include various tips and tricks of Visual Basic programming that will help the more inexperience programmer. Topics Include: Enhanced controls, collections, Loops, and other things Procedures, Functions, and Logic MDI and SDI window types Database Processing and Designing a Database Application Data Bound Controls, Data Form Wizard, and OLE Drag and Drop Internet Programming and ActriveX Documents Building On-Line Help and Using Crystal ReportsIncludes complete coverage of database applicationsUses real-world applications to demonstrate specialized programmingTeaches the user how to incorporate Crystal Reports into their applications