Anyone can learn HTML and Web publishing. This easy-to-read book carefully steps you through everything you'll need to know — from the fundamentals of creating a simple home page to the intricacies of designing and creating elaborated Web sites with HTML 4, Dynamic HTML, style sheets, CGI scripts, JavaScript and Java programs.

- Create web pages using the new HTML 4 specifications

- Get hands-on practices designing and creating HTML pages for Netscape"R" Internet explorer"TM" 4

- Discover how to add interactivity to your Web site with Dynamic HTML, CGI, and JavaScript

- Learn how to use Cascading Style Sheets to control how your pages appear

CD-ROM Includes

- HTML: HTML PowerTools, HTML Notepad, evaluation versions of Spider and Web Analyzer from for Windows, BBedit Light 4.0 for Macintosh

- Graphics and Multimedia: Paint Shop Pro, Mapthis, Snagit32, Thumbs Plus, and Goldwave for Windows, WebMap, GIEConverter, Fast Player, Sparkle, and Sound App for Macintosh

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 for Windows 3.1, 95, NT 3.51, and NT 4 and Macintosh