This book was about Mr Puzzle saving crimes of four villains. Mr Heavy E who broke in the middle of one of the city's highways and Prof Clyde is a ghost and he was a villain for haunting a school unless one kid got his test totally right and Mr Puzzle helped as he was as small as an ant. Next one was Mucky and he used to live in a washing ,machine and when you washed clothes more dirt would go one and Mucky came out of the washing machine and when he came out he was gonna eat a superheores sock and why he was the super hero he threw in a sock and Mucky got clean and ate the sock. The last one was Glueshoe and he always came to the supermarket and stole people's food and once when he was held back he did a flip backwards and all the food shot out on the roof and got stuck and Mr Puzzle stretched his feet and went up to the top and plucked all the food off but Glueshoe tripped him and luckily he landed on some soft fruit on a display and he gave everybody back their food and caught Glueshoe