Steve is one of the most dynamic speakers I've ever heard when he is talking about biblical times and history.I would love to travel to the holy land on one of his tours.

I've read his "Crossing the Tiber" and am now slogging my way trhough "Upon this Rock".Slogging?Yes!I find his style of writing difficult for me, Steve documents his books with every imaginable footnote.And while the additional information provide is informative, it is so disruptive of my reading that I often loose track of the main theme.Do I learn alot from Steve, again the answer is Yes, but I have to work at it to get past the fact that many of the pages of the book are three quarters foot note, and one quarter what I think of as the "main story line".

I will continue to read his books, its worth it, but it is not as enjoyable or easy a read as I would like.