Through the oppressive heat-haze shimmer, the traveler to the great southern cites of Tsolyánu is immediately met by the looming and massive stone bulks of the great Temples, with their high gong-towers, pillared ritual courtyards, and fearsome places of sacrifice. Whether the visitor is a devotee of violent Karakán, Lord of Glorious War, distant and aloof Belkhánu, Protector and Guardian of the Dead, Lord Thúmis, the Wise Teacher, motherly Avanthé, She Who Protects and Feeds the World, or the radiant Hnálla, the Blazing Light who brings Stability to all, the temples are the anchor of all life in the Empire. Mitlanyál is the key to understanding this foundation. The indispensable, illustrated, companion reference to the science fiction Tékumel novels of M.A.R. Barker, and to the epic fantasy role-playing game, Empire of the Petal Throne published by TSR and Tekumel Empire of the Petal Throne published Guardians of Order.Enhance your reading and gaming experience with this jam-packed compendium, the definitive word on the lore and secrets of the Gods, the inner workings of Tsolyáni religion and ritual. Learn the hidden workings of the temples, the magic and demonology, and the politics of the Five Gods who oppose Change and support the Eternal Cycles of Being. This long awaited reference for fans of the novels and the game were more than five years in the making, and you can see why with the extensive lists and descriptions of many aspects and personalities of each god, the factions within each temple, the demons who might be called upon to serve ! the priesthoods. Valuable cultural and political details include descriptions of religious holidays and festivals, celebrated by regions, and the most current dispositions of the military legions sponsored by and loyal to each temple. This revised edition now includes evocative illustrations and story excerpts and character studies exploring how the gods have a hand in the lives of their Tsolyáni worshippers.Volume One contains additional supplemental information including:·An overview of the world of Tékumel ·The nature of magic·Tsolyáni culture, politics, and religion ·The nature of the Temples and the social-political structure·Science and learning in Tsolyánu: science, legends, ethics, and moral precepts.·Demonology, the nature of time and the multiverse.