A strange noise has been heard floating across the Green Forest. It isn’t a sound that Peter Rabbit has ever heard before – it sounds like Bowser the Hound, Hotty the Owl, and Dippy the Loon all put together! What could possibly be making this terrible sound?

The little forest animals soon learn that a newcomer has moved into the Green Forest – Old Man Coyote! Sometimes he is friendly to the little folk – other times he chases them with a hungry gleam in his eye!

Can Peter Rabbit and the rest of the Green Meadow animals learn how to cope with their new neighbor?


Mr. Thornton knows a good deal about character and relationships. His little animals are by no means one-dimensional; their interactions are reflective of how we humans treat each other.

Conclusion. A sweet, charming book, The Adventures of Old Man Coyote presents strong moral lessons in the context of an adventurous story.

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