More than ever before, HR practitioners must empirically demonstrate a clear link between their practices and firm performance. In this book, two world-renowned experts on quantifying the value of HR present a comprehensive framework for doing just that. Wayne F. Cascio and John W. Boudreau provide powerful logic and proven financial techniques for looking inside the HR "black box," implementing human capital metrics that track the effectiveness of talent policies and practices, demonstrating the logical connections to financial and line-of-business, and using HR metrics to drive more effective decision-making. Drawing on their extensive practical experience, they show how to transcend the "peanut butter" approach to talent decisions and investments, in which organizations simply spread the same investments across the entire organization. You' ll learn how to focus investments where they matter most, and avoid them where they don' t make a strategic difference. Along the way, you' ll learn how to measure and analyze the value of every significant type of HR initiative, including hiring; training and leadership development; health, wellness, and work/life balance; retention; employee engagement; and much more.