The Art of Mexican Cooking isthe ultimate guide to creating sensational flavorsof authentic Mexican food in your own kitchen.Her classic, The Cuisines ofMexico, established Diana Kennedy as the authority onMexican cooking, and now she brings thirty-twoyears of living, traveling, and researching inMexico to a dazzling masterpiece of culinaryadventure. The Art of Mexican Cookingis a brilliant exploration of one of the world'struly great cuisine, including more than 200extraordinary recipes, many for dishes previouslyunknown north of the border, as well as more than 50evocative illustrations and 150photographs.

These dishes, favorites throughout Mexico,range from sophisticated to pure and simple; allshare an amazing depth of taste. Aficionados willgo to great lengths to duplicate the authenticdishes (and Kennedy tells them exactly how), buthere too there is a wealth of less complicatedrecipes for the casual cook who longs for theunmistakable flavors of soul-warmingcuisine.

Kennedy shares the secrets of true Mexicanflavor: balancing chile flavors with a little saltand acid, for instance, or charring them to roundout their flavor; broiling tomatoes to bring outtheir character, or using cumin for a lightaccent. By using Kennedy's kitchen wisdom and adviceand carefully selecting tropical produce that isnow readily available in most American markets,American cooks can at last serve truly authenticMexican food.