As much as I adore the television series, I was dubious about these tie-in books. I was convinced the authors of these books would fail at capturing the essence of the show or, most unforgivable, poorly portray the characters and their dynamics. I was desperate for more Stargatey goodness, though, so I scoured the reviews on Amazon and finally settled on "Barque of Heaven" as my intro to the Fandemonium series.

The verdict: excellent.

Not only does author Suzanne Wood capture everything that I love about Stargate, she also writes a darn good story. Reading "Barque of Heaven" really is like watching the show: a goodly amount of action, well-timed humor, enough detail to lend authentication, and the perfect blend of otherworldly science fiction with thoughtful mythology. Best of all, Wood absolutely does justice to our favorite foursome. Each of the main characters receive the same amount of attention, resulting in a balanced narrative of multiple perspectives. I would have enjoyed this book even if I had never heard of Stargate.