One year ago I had six novels self-published that were starting to get good reviews from the people who read them.After a decade of working hard to make a career out of writing, I finally felt like I was on the cusp of success.I decided to start a journal to chronicle my journey.

Whether you are an author who is thinking about self-publishing or you are simply curious about how the process works, this journal will give you insight on what it is like to try to break out in one of the hardest professions known to man.Everyone has heard about the success stories of a handful of self-published authors, but they are the exception to the rule.Even if you work hard, have talent and take advantage of every marketing and promotional opportunity that is available, the chances of making it big are astronomically low.

Read my story and experience the highs, the lows, the more lows and the holy crap I didn’t think it could get any lowers of self-publishing.The journal highlights my efforts to write and self-published four novels in less than a year.It also delves into the strategies I implemented to convince lovely folks like yourself to actually pay me money to read them.Finally, I also talk about how I got started as a writer and how the publishing industry has dramatically changed since then.