I'm glad I returned to Asimov's short stories, which I think are his best work. I had read "Nightfall" elsewhere, which unfortunately is not included in this collection but in my option is one of his best. The standout in this anthology for me was "The Last Question" which deals with the beginning/end of the universe. Not all of the stories were as serious and even "Obituary" and "Spell My Name With an S" were clever and thought-provoking. A lot of stories in this collection revolve around Multivac (a massive sometimes omniscient and sometimes prescient computer), of which the implications in the modern day are even more relevant. Also the way he deals with time travel both in "The Ugly Little Boy" and "The Dead Past" is very well-done. I recommend his short stories to anyone looking to reexamine the way they think about some of the things in our society.