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- Book Synopsis -

Marie is afraid of confronting her feelings for Tom because she has a track record of destroying anything that will bring her happiness. She cares deeply for him but she’s afraid to move the relationship along because she’s sure that it will only bring heartbreak for the both of them.

However, after an impassioned plea by Tom she agrees to accompany him on a weekend away to his father’s cabin, and when she meets the man that Tom holds in such high regard he will tell her something that changes her life forever.

- End of Book Synopsis -

Now please don't expect some table-thumping blockbuster that will end up unread and gathering dust on your virtual bookshelf – this is a sizzling erotic short story that will have you flipping over the pages in feverish anticipation.

WARNING: This story is intended for ADULT female readers 18 years of age or older. It contains explicit language and graphic sexual content.