Born in Dublin, Ireland, I grew up in Chicago, Illinois.I currently reside in East Texas with my husband, Kevin and Old English Sheepdog, Bridie.
I started writing in 2005 while taking care of her elderly parents.
I loved reading paranormal romances and with my extensive travels back to Ireland, my writing instinctively gravitated toward Irish mythology.
Other writers portray the Tuatha Dé Danann as tricksters or deadly fae.I decided to bring them into the same light as some of my favorite authors did with vampires and weres.
"So now, we have vamps, weres, and fae all living in our neighborhoods and don’t even know it."
My first book, "The Magic from Within", won 1st place in the East Texas Writers Association Writing Contest in 2006 and 3rd place in 2007 with the East Texas Writers Guild.Since then it has undergone a few changes including its name to "Unknown Magic".