Can Do Multiple Sclerosis is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1984 to offer MS programs based on the philosophy of founder, Jimmie Heuga: that a person can have a chronic disease and also maintain their health. Believe it or not, at that time MS patients were encouraged NOT to exercise or basically "strain" themselves in any way. Today, Can Do MS has expanded Jimmie's philosophy from a focus on physical fitness with MS to a focus on the whole person and family living with the impacts of MS. Programs include education, nutrition, mental well-being, and exercise, as well as learning specific, individualized life management skills and ways to integrate wellness activities into everyday life. Every year they provide programs and services directly to over 10,000 people in the United States states and Canada. The Can Do Multiple Sclerosis Guide to Lifestyle Empowerment provides the reader with over 20 years worth of knowledge and information accumulated by this organization and it's unique approach to wellness.

In 2009, Can Do MS formed a collaborative partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to align resources and more effectively improve the quality of life of people with MS and their support partners.

;Introduction: What is Multiple Sclerosis, 1. Get Active!, 2. Emotional Well-Being, 3. Nutrition, 4. Managing Your Daily Activities, 5. Accessing Your Medical Care: Do You Have the Help You Need, 6. Goal Setting