A car accident with too many people claiming responsibility and amurder that appears to frame Perry Mason himself. I love the fact that Perry is still his reckless self—illegally breaking into apartments, stealing clues before the police can discover them.... But this mystery wasn't as intriguing as most of the mysteries.

My edition also contained two Perry Mason novelettes: THE CASE OF THE CRIMSON KISS (1948) and HE CASE OF THE CRYING SWALLOW (1947). Neither were tp drawer Perry Mason. It's interesting that in CRIMSON KISS, we actually see the guilty party plotting and carrying out the crime at the beginning (very COLUMBO in design), although there's still another killer to unmask before the end. This initial crime didn't seem very well-thought-out and relied on the victim being pretty dumb for teh person to get away with the crime.THE CRYING SWALLOW was pretty dull—a break-in and some jewels are stolen (just a day after the lay of the house cancelled her insurance policy). CRYING had the weakest characters I'd ever read in a Perry Mason mystery—there was absolutely no one of interest in the cast fo characters.