When uni gives you a dreadfully long reading list and people just generally stress you to death, proceed reading manga and ignore everything.

That is my motto these days anyway.

Sekaiichi just calms and entertains me in the best way possible. I love the characters and the story, especially that it can make me laugh. The story is mostly realistic, and I do appreciate that we can see a normal work day in an editor's life. It's difficult and demanding, especially if you have a boss like Takano-san. I've noticed this duality in his behaviour: I think he acts differently at work. He's very strict (to keep up appearances), but at the same time helpful and supportive. One of my favourite things about him is when he smacks Onodera's head with a newspaper when he's daydreaming. xD

This volume is also about jealousy, and it's safe to say that all the characters feel it in some way, whether they realise it or not. Seeing your crush with someone else will always stir those kinds of feelings. However, Yokozawa is the only one who openly admits it, and even threats Ritsu.
Ritsu's transfer to the literature department is also brought up, and safely avoided, thanks to the mangaka he manages.

We also get to see glimpses from 10 years before, and the library scene was very nice. Looking forward to the next volume, whenever that might be!