Adrian Ring and evil don't get along.

When he can't be corrupted, turned, or forced to give up, evil will target those around him, including the family he had thought was dead.

In book six of Adrian's Undead Diary, no one near Adrian is safe. Many will make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that he can keep his loved ones protected at any cost, and rebuild a new, better world.

In the Arms of Family also follows Kevin and Michelle as their stories entwine and bring them ever closer to the horrors that surround Adrian across the vast Atlantic Ocean.
How long can they survive before the dead finish what they came to do?

Book Six of the massive Adrian's Undead Diary post apocalyptic zombie epic is here at last!

In the Arms of Family contains Adrian's journal entries from June 23rd, 2011 through August 30th, 2011.It also is the home for Under the Moroccan Sun, The Great Fire, Becca, and Paranoia Island.