Book 63 in the Killmaster series published in 1971. Nick Carter was the pseudonym used by several different authors to publish this series of books. Some of the authors known to have written some books in the series are Martin Cruz Smith, Michael Avallone and Valerie Moolman. In the seventies, this would have been considered to be "racy" in places - now, of course, it is really tame compared to some. Billed as suspense thrillers, the protagonist is another experienced and highly skilled secret agent. The baddies are the Chinese and the balance of world power is at risk due to a secret and deadly missile base (sound familiar?). The hero is Agent N3 of AXE, a fictional spy agency for the United States government. Great romping read - ideal for escapism. Not sure why, but his weapons have names Wilhelmina for the luger that he carries and Hugo the knife.