Born in Trenton NJ. Author of Loyalty Ink Publications. Elijah released his first book on August 15th 2013 titled Masters of the Game. That book was followed up on November 12th 2013 with the sequel titled Masters of Escape. So far in 2014 Elijah has a Valentines Day collaboration written by the entire Teflon Mafia family titled Silk Sheets that was released on Valentines Day and he followed that up with his 3rd solo release Married to a Bitch on February 27th. Following some slight success of his 3rd solo release, there was a shift in his career when the Teflon Mafia Family disbanded and Elijah along with Alicia Howard and Crybabi decided to go to another company. After dealing with some shady business, Alicia Howard decided to do it by herself with Elijah and Crybabi coming along for the ride. In October of 2014 the sequel to Elijah's 3rd release Married to a Vindictive Bitch was released to the ebook world. On December 12th 2014, Elijah released Ghost Town, which is a story that has some deep roots from Elijah's home town of Trenton NJ. There are plenty of projects on the horizons for Elijah Foreman to end this year and go into 2015. Stay tuned.