'Developing Tests and Questionnaires for a National Assessment of Educational Achievement' is the second in the 'National Assessments of Educational Achievement' series. It is designed to help build capacity in carrying out technically adequate assessments of national levels of student achievement. It introduces readers to the activities involved in the development of achievement tests, and includes developing an assessment framework, writing multiple choice and constructed response type items, pretesting, producing test booklets, and handscoring items. A section on questionnaire construction features designing questionnaires, writing questions, coding responses, and linking questionnaire and test score data. The final section covers the development of a test administration manual, selecting test administrators, and contacting sampled schools. A companion CD contains examples of released items from national and international tests, sample questionnaires, and administrative manuals. The book should serve as a useful resource for those interested in educational assessment and evaluation, especially for personnel engaged in national assessments of student achievement. 'National Assessments of Educational Achievement' Effective assessment of the performance of educational systems is a key component in developing policies to optimize the development of human capital around the world. The five books in the National Assessments of Educational Achievement series introduce key concepts in national assessments of student achievement levels, from policy issues to address when designing and carrying out assessments through test development, questionnaire design, sampling, organizing and carrying out data collection, data cleaning, statistical analysis, report writing, and using results to improve educational quality.