If youOCOre interested in learning about how to write, how to be a writer, or about the writing life in general, what greater resource and pleasure than frank, in-depth interviews with best-selling authors? In The Crime Interviews Volume One, Len Wanner interviews: Ian Rankin Stuart MacBride Karen Campbell Neil Forsyth Chris Brookmyre Paul Johnston Alice Thompson Allan Guthrie Louise Welsh So much more than a collection of writing tips, The Crime Interviews Volume One is brimming with pithy, witty and sometimes just plain weird revelations. It provides a unique and unforgettable insight into how authors think... and how they write. See also The Crime Interviews Volume Two and Volume Three. [Two Ravens Press published a previous edition of this book in 2011 under the title Dead Sharp: Scottish Crime Writers On Country And Craft] What theyOCOre saying? This is fascinating reading and a real treat. A rare insight into the minds of a diverse group of crime writers, writing in one genre, living in proximity, but all with utterly different, individual voices. ? Peter James, author of Dead Like You Len Wanner is the perfect interrogator, subtle, accommodating and incisive, and these interviews elicit many layers of deep, dark and vital intelligence. ? John Banville, author of The Sea
About the author
Len Wanner is the author of The Crime Interviews, Volumes 1-3. He is finishing a PhD on crime fiction at the University of Edinburgh, and freelancing as translator, interviewer, and editor of the literary journal, www.thecrimeofitall.com"