Canic’s prophecy has come to pass and war has come to Malerian …..

With the healing of the Light Crystal comes the terrible truth behind Canic’s prophecy. With the news of the assault on the Fortress of Light and terrible mage weather that plagued the land a call goes out to all races to unite against the threat to Malerian. As the Fortress Council begins to prepare the land for war the elven people are strangely absent and the council fears the worst.
For hundreds of years the elven people chose to live apart from the rest of the races on Malerian. Content to let the Fortress Council handle the everyday problems outside of their home they went about their daily lives unaware of the evil slowly growing across the land and within their midst. Cut off from the powerful magic that was once theirs, they are unprepared when Vlagh’s dark forces invade their home and divide their race. Forced to flee their sacred forest, their only hope lies with a young king, who is untried and unknown to them.
De’Arn was abandoned at a young age and grew up as a stable boy, never knowing his true identity until the day he was chosen by the Crystal of Truth to be her guardian. Now he is faced with the responsibility of the elven people who he knows nothing about. Forced to take up the mantle as their king he struggles against old prejudices and fears to join his people with the other races of Malerian as they prepare to defend their land.
But before he can do that he must learn to use the Crystal of Truth as well as restore the honor and magic his people lost so many centuries ago.