Good things about this issue:
1. Illustrations were interesting in the first half or so pages;
2. Cuthbert and original ka-tet were involved, and I'm always happy to greet them with a wide grin on my face.

Bad things: well, basically everything else.

The story arc isn't quite an arc in itself, which meets the writer's idea of a deja vu or a dream-like memory. You know, when you wake up from a day-dream and you have a general idea of what you just thought of, but you can't construct a story based on that knowledge. Seems like Robin Furth hasn't really even tried to construct any story at all - whatever happens is somehow.. generic. The phrases were used times and times before, the characters are like flat images of themselves - as if trying to act, to resemble those we've come to know from the earlier graphic novels and books yet failing miserably, and whatever happens is pretty much a repetition of some scenes we've already seen before.

I'm really hoping that whatever issues are published next are better, otherwise there's no much sense in wasting time on these graphic novels anymore. And they were so good once!