Hysterically funny (and rather irreverent) biblical "based" satire of our universal urge to do the right thing, figure out what that is, in fact, in our daily lives, and trust in providence. Our hero in this gem is Ishmut, an average decent fellow very very similar to today's hardworking people of conscience. Of course, when opposed or ignored, God "wins," God always does, having an incredible advantage vis-a-vis the rest of us. If you've read and enjoyed the *dark* humor and style of Flannery O'Connor, George Saunders and others like them, you will certainly enjoy THE DEAD GOAT SCROLLS.

A Mordantly Funny Fable for All Times
“Way back in time, after Adam and Eve, but before Noah and the Flood, lived a pretty good and honest man named Ishmut (His parents had given him this very ancient and honorable name, a name as old as dirt itself, meaning ‘he who sweats a lot.’).” So begins this wry, humorous and irreverent fable about a poor sap, a humble goatherd, with whom we can all identify. Hard-working, honest, faithful, loyal—Ishmut is Everyman just trying to make a go of it in this harsh, cruel world. He ekes out a small miserable existence with his three wives (Anthill, Shriek and Nan), three small daughters and assorted goats in a desert wasteland at the foot of the Hopeless Mountains. Tragedy and disappointment dog his steps spite of his arduous and earnest efforts to always do the right thing. He seems benighted, ignorant and foolishly (and relentlessly) hopeful in the face of insurmountable obstacles. Life often makes no sense to him and he frequently feels he is being punished for mysterious unintentional sins. Nevertheless, in the face of all his endless trials, Ishmut never wavers from his faith in a merciful providence (even when it seems prima facie absurd to cling to such a notion). Find out how Ishmut survives and finds beauty and happiness in the stew of misery that is his daily life.

Wink-Wink “Scripture” with a Southern Drawl
Writing tongue-in-cheek as a “translation from the Appalachian,” Margaret Jean Langstaff draws upon the conventions of biblical story-telling altered and seasoned by the lingua franca and story-telling lens of the American Deep South. The combination of the two creates a narrative style that is both ironic and hysterically funny. The result is a novella that leaves the reader both amused and strangely moved by this new take on a timeless theme. The Dead Goat Scrolls is a completely original and entertaining tale about one of life’s inscrutable, elusive mysteries and may well become a humor classic.

About the Author
Margaret Langstaff has written more than twenty books, both under her own name and as a ghostwriter for others, and countless feature articles and book reviews for prominent national periodicals, such as the L.A. Times, Publishers Weekly, BookPage, and the L.A. Times Book Review and Business Page. She is a former member of the National Book Critics Circle and former board member of the Book Industry Study Group. She is also the author of the acclaimed and popular humorous Florida mystery series, Garnet Sullivan Live from Florida.