Kim Deitch, creator of the acclaimed Fantagraphics collection Shadowland and the Pantheon graphic novels Alias the Cat and Boulevard of Broken Dreams, has recruited his siblings to produce a unique, all-new "picto-fiction"
pocket book. Alternating between heavily illustrated near-comics
stories and outright prose pieces, Deitch's Pictorama is a testament to the Deitch family's amazing yarn-spinning abilities!

The book leads off with Kim's lengthy picto-story "The Sunshine
Girl," a typically Deitchean tall tale involving bottle cap collectors,
drug dealers, family secrets, and the innocents who wind up in the
middle of the hullaballoo. Then it's time for Seth's prose short story
"Children of Aruf," about a man and his very unusual dog; "Unlikely
Hours," a paranoid picto-story about a conspiracy of sentient rats
written by Seth and illustrated by Kim; the prose novella "The Golem,"
once again written by Seth and decorated with a series of superb pencil
illustrations by Simon; and finally Kim's autobiographical "The Cop on
the Beat, the Man in the Moon and Me." This entire "Deitch treat" is
wrapped up with an introduction by legendary Academy Award-winning
animator, cartoonist and illustrator and proud papa Gene (Tom Terrific, Terr'ble Thompson, Tom and Jerry) Deitch.