THIRD INSTALLMENT - NEW RELEASE: FREE FOR KINDLE UNLIMITED — MUST READ FOR LOVERS OF STEAMY, SHIFTER ROMANCE! Best Value for Borrowers — Betrayed, spellbound, and captive to her greatest enemy, will Sade Hughes remember her love for the elven prince, Aranion, before she makes a final, irrevocable mistake?

With her memories erased, mortal Sade Hughes is now an unwitting captive of the twisted elven court of Edenost and the elven princess, Laire, who betrayed her. Trapped between unspeakable pleasures and the constant agony of a damaged soul-bond, Sade is convinced that the only way to end the pain is to kill her soul-bonded mate, the elven prince, Aranion. Will Sade remember her love for Aranion before she makes a final, irrevocable mistake? And what about Sade's growing feelings for her mentor, Haytham, a shape shifter with a secret agenda of his own? Is there anyone that she can trust? This book contains strong sexual content. While the main pairing is heterosexual, this book also contains some homoerotic content. Not intended for readers under 18.

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