A Georgia Native, Virigina always loved to read.

"I remember the delight that I experienced when I was finally able to join the other family members in the quiet afternoons, lost in the solace of words and imagination." - Virginia Chandler

Following in her old brother Tony's footsteps, she read everything that he read. Through him I was introduced to the Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Burroughs, and my personal icon, JRR Tolkien. Through Tolkien she developed a love for Anglo Saxon literature; especially, the Medieval text, Beowulf.

Virginia began writing when she was very young; but was first published in West Georgia College's Fine Arts periodical. Since then, she's been published in Golf Digest, Ibn Qirtaba, and Lost Realms. She had a ebook published, called Solid Contact, by Cloverleaf Publishing.