Current financial trends indicate that within the next three to six years global markets could face another significant plunge similar to the market crashes of 1987 and 2000. Securing financial investments now can help to avoid potential problems later. The best defense is to effectively learn how to profit from such investments while at the same time protecting them from market fluctuations. The Disciplined Investor focuses on this goal while demystifying the often complex world of investment planning. With proven strategies and easy-to-follow instructions, it is the only guide you will need for investment success.

This book will help you:

1.Eliminate emotions from your investment decision
2.Find out how to match your investment strategy to your risk tolerance
3.Learn why asset allocation is so important when creating an investment portfolio
4.Discover tools for enhancing your portfolio's performance
5.Understand options strategies, diversification and other professional tools

Whether you are new to investing and don't know where to start, or are a seasoned investor and want to protect your investments while profiting from them, this book is for you.