Combining orthodox mysteries with those of the paranormal, this engrossing compendium of the history of scientific mysteries and enigmas ranges from the origin of the universe to its ultimate fate
Answering the questions How did the universe begin and how will it end? What happens to us when we die? and Do intelligent beings exist elsewhere in our galaxy and beyond?, this clear, informative, and entertaining book presents some of the most intriguing mysteries in the history of science. Some of these enigmas have been solved through the ingenuity of their investigators; others are so strange as to suggest no easy solution and have given rise to equally bizarre speculations. From the Tunguska explosion of 1908 to the enigma of the moon’s origin, from the possibility of time travel to the search for zero-point energy, the many theories and speculations that have been presented to account for the mystery of the world are examined. Each chapter deals with an enigma that has caused wonder, excitement, or fear to all who have pondered it, and include the discovery of strange fossils that hint at an unknown early history of humanity, anomalous structures photographed on the moon and Mars, the mystery of dark matter and dark energy, and strange disappearances of people and objects.