The truest form of trouble is a love triangle…

Teric is a cat shifter, too shy to ever admit the growing crush he has on his roommate and best friend, Edric—and too petrified to ever admit to his feelings for the haughty elf Akeid. Then Akeid asks him out, and begins to return his feelings with interest.

Edric has had a crush on Teric for ages, but has never known how to approach his best friend and say it. So he distracts himself at the clubs, hoping someone will be distracting enough. Then Akeid slips in and steals Teric away, and Edric wants badly to strangle the condescending, untrustworthy, far too beautiful elf.

Humans and mongrel cats are beneath him, but a bet is a bet, and Akeid means to win it. Until he loses sight of the bet, all his attention on the pretty cat slipping beneath his skin—and the hissing, spitting, jealous human dogging his every step.