The most spectacularautobiographical publishing phenomenon of all time, and a surprise that Grant was such a great writer.

A realist, he never boasts or takes credit. Ex: when promoted to Lt General it's his good fortune, expressing no emotions.

He gives interesting character portrayals of other famous generals.The controversial Sherman ranks high in his estimation. Nathan Bedford Forrest gets the highest marks.

It's interesting that he has not a bad word to say about anybody (Napoleon III of France the exception).Is this PC?Certainly there were higher generals who tried to do him in. His career was plagued with accusations that he was a drunkard, but he doesn't even mention it.Because it wouldn't be presidential?That makes this appear to be cleaned up.

He does show how Lincoln had his back from the start, and what a funny quipper Lincoln was. Grant also has a sense of humor; he's glad to talk about the Virginia governor who is on such a liquid diet that he can't even tolerate water.