Tips and strategies on how to use the new tax law to lower yourtaxesThe Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 hasaffected all taxpayers-and promises to do so for the next decade.Do you know how you're going to benefit from the new taxlegislation?When you need up-to-the-minute answers to your tax-planningquestions, turn to the most reliable and authoritative source: Ernst & Young.From the authors who brought you The Ernst & Young TaxGuide-The Ernst & Young Tax Saver's Guide 2003 offersunparalleled advice and techniques that will help you lower yourtaxes. Packed with hundreds of unique, money-saving tips, The Ernst& Young Tax Saver's Guide 2003 gives you the lowdown on the newtax law and the best year-round strategies to save more money onyour taxes.* "Changes in the Law You Should Know About" covers the EconomicGrowth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, as well asphase-in laws that may affect future tax years* "Tax Savers," "Tax Alerts," and "Tax Organizers" offer helpfultips and reminders* A special life-events index helps you minimize taxes associatedwith marriage, home-buying, retirement, and more* Year round tax-planning strategies and last-minute, year-end, tax-saving ideas help reduce your overall tax bill* A special mutual fund chapter covers when to make newinvestments, and how to treat distributions, transfers, andredemptions* Charts and tables clarify confusing tax issuesPlan now so you don't have to pay later. Put the experience of thenation's leading professional services firm to work for you withThe Ernst & Young Tax Saver's Guide 2003.