The First ever Kindle version of the book that brings more than 45 categories of information to covered medicines since 1978 . This edition of the Essential Guide gives 11 detailed profiles of top medicines representing more than 236 brands. This is a new "Essential Guide" for a new age - a re-imagined reference book by Dr. Jim Rybacki, who breathed new life into the bestselling medical self-help books of the same name in the '90s - now paints a fresh portrait of the most popular medicines for 2012 and beyond.

Since 1978, the many popular editions of "The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs" have delivered reliable, understandable information to millions of families and their loved ones. Always available without a prescription, now The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs: 12 Top Meds for 2012 is just what the doctor ordered for today's readers. Not too long, not too short, this easy-to-read book includes the right amount of important information, deftly combining current medical thinking with plain English in roughly 232 pages. From Aspirin and Botox to a breakthrough cancer treatment, the Top Meds for 2012 are scrutinized over at least 18 pages each and served up in Dr. Rybacki's uniquely balanced style, along with possible side effects, cautions and herbal and prescription interactions that could save your life.

Do you know the Do's and Don'ts of your medicine? Find them in the Guide! This year, you'll find 11 profiles of Top Meds for arthritis, cholesterol, depression, heartburn, heart disease, diabetes, blood clots, preventing heart attacks and much more - packing 45 categories of information for each of 236 drug brands. A 12th "mystery med" will be revealed on the author's website ( June 12, 2012 along with a bonus newsletter for people who buy the book. Get your copy of the Essential Guide today. See the new design, easy to read print and detail that makes this Guide the Essential Guide for your home.