Polly Courtney is a new author to me but after reading about her I found that she has actually wrote 8 books but none of which I have seen whilst browsing the book shelves until I was in my local Library and I was picking out my next selection of books and saw The Fame Factor. Polly has wrote this using her experiences with the music industry and also she has friends who are in unsigned bands so the knowledge she has from this is put into the book which makes the book more realistic.

As you can see by the picture of the cover above it does resemble the look of the current music series which is currently on at the moment of which I am a fan, so I decided to give the book ago as it looked like a book I would enjoy.

Let me ask you this if you were a musician and had been in a band for six years with your closest friends trying to make a big break, and an offer came your way to be signed but as a solo artist what would you do?

This is the situation which our main character Zoe finds herself in. She has a decision to make either stay with the band, her friends and be loyal and wait for a break for the band or take the opportunity which is being handed to her on a plate? Zoe's life has a big part to play in the decision she makes.
Through this book we watch the fame of the girls take different directions.

I would give you one word of advice before you start reading this book and that is it will not be what you expect do not expect it to be anyway along the lines of the certain show in which I spoke about before. The book starts off introducing the girls of the band just before they are about to go on stage for one of their gigs. It takes you three or four chapters before you start to get to know which girl is who in the band. Zoe is our main character and most of the book is written from her progress with the other girls of the band coming up throughout the book.

The book shows us the good and bad points to the music industry which Artists face on the journey to stardom. It shows that the characters need to realise it is not about making money but making music which is a costly thing as Zoe finds out when she finds she has no money to be able to live anywhere.

I liked the way the characters came across they seemed very life like rather than fictional characters which made you feel in touch with the characters and keeps you interested. The book has a mixture of content but I think that it would have been an even greater read if there was a little more humour as I felt there were many emotional issues in this book it would have lightened the mood in some places and kept you more interested.

I enjoyed the first half of this book but I did find that the second half wasn't as good as the first and it didn't keep me gripped. However I would like to try another of Polly Courtneys books as I enjoyed her style of writing in the beginning of this book so would like to see if her over books can keep me gripped the whole way through.

I would recommend this book as it is an easy read and also provides something a little different to your predictable chick-lit which has filled our shelves this year.