"5 STARS. Grey West has created a world that's inventive, completely unexpected, and bursting at the seams with mayhem. Fans of THE WALKING DEAD and genre mash-ups like ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER will love Double Barrel." -Jeremy Robinson, Bestselling Author of SecondWorld and Threshold

"The Walking Dead meets True Grit..."

From the mind of author Grey West comes a groundbreaking saga that wildly re-imagines America's past. Set twelve years after the Civil War, the Double Barrel series puts readers on a collision course with history...and zombies.

Released in six cliffhanger episodes (60 pages each), Double Barrel is a thrill ride that will keep you clinging to the edge of your seat.

IN THE WEST: Twin brothers John and James Barrel are the nation's deadliest Regulators—gunslingers with a license to kill from Abraham Lincoln. When an urgent telegraph from the President is cut off by a zombie attack, the Barrel Brothers must set out to find and kill the man responsible for the zombie scourge.

IN THE EAST: Seventeen-year-old Violet Drake and her mute brother Sam have seen nightmares before, but nothing like the evil flooding the streets of New York City. After learning of a possible cure for the zombie scourge, the Drakes must race against time to find the one person who can help, a man known as the Wizard of Menlo Park. But first they must escape Manhattan before it's overrun by the undead.

Four survivors.

Two adrenaline-laced stories.

One incredible journey that will pit them against the world.